Announcing the 2018 Awards Season Script Library

Awards Season Script Library - Take a deep dive into 2017's top screenplays with our Script Library! Analyze award contenders with our infographic and visual analytics tools (and then see how your screenplay stacks up!)


Aspiring screenwriters can learn a lot by reading successful scripts. But it can be difficult to find these scripts, and once you have them, it’s not always clear what you should be looking for.


To help you navigate this awards season’s best screenplays, we’re bringing back one of our most popular features – the Script Library!


In this library, we’ve collected some of the year’s best screenplays – including many of the scripts being recognized this awards season. Each of these scripts is ready to analyze and is compatible with your favorite ScriptLadder infographic and visual analysis tools.


Compare the character maps, scene structure, and story pacing of your favorite films – and then see how your screenplay stacks up!


The Script Library is available to all ScriptLadder users – even if you’re on a free plan! – and can be accessed from your scripts dashboard when you log in to ScriptLadder. If you haven’t yet signed up for ScriptLadder, you can create a free account (and receive instant Library access!) by clicking here.


Paid users can take it one step further by hosting a Table Read of their favorite awards season screenplays with our Table Read feature – get a group of friends together and assign speaking roles with the click of a button for a fun and unique evening!


Ready to check it out? Click here to join ScriptLadder, and then watch the video below to see exactly how to access and use the Script Library!


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